We are a Canadian asset management firm focused on value investing.


5-Star overall rating out of 1059 funds in the US Equity category as of 2019/01/31.

Annualized returns
since March 2013
Barrage Fund

Value Investing : An alternative to conventional asset management

Value Investing : An alternative to conventional asset management

We believe investing should be a simple process based on time-tested concepts. We consider it important to share these concepts and their impact on the management of the fund with our clients.

The Firm

The Barrage Fund :
performance and simplicity.

$100,000 invested at the inception of the fund in March 2013 are worth $ 262,258 today

To invest in the Barrage Fund :
3 easy steps

1Hold the minimum amount

Invest a total amount of $100,000 in RRSPs, TFSAs, LIRAs, RRIFs or cash.

2Meet the portfolio managers

Learn more about the Barrage Fund and its managers.

3Proceed with the transfer of assets

CIBC Mellon opens the account and proceeds with the transfer of assets.

Four partners - One approach

Mathieu Beaudry, CFA
Mathieu Beaudry, CFA, Partner
Maxime Lauzière, CFA
Maxime Lauzière, CFA, Partner
Rémy Morel, CIM
Rémy Morel, CIM, Partner
Patrick Thénière, CIM
Patrick Thénière, CIM, Partner